Home Resources for Sacramental Preparation of Children

The Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart affirms that parents are the primary teachers of the faith to their children. Therefore, the CCE office is committed to providing parents with resources to help them teach the faith at home. Please let us know how we are doing. Email Moise Arrah, DRE, at marrah@sacredhearthouston.org and let her know how else we can help you build your “domestic church.”


RECONCILIATION (Confession or Penance)

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Prayer Booklet
Act of Contrition Worksheet
10 Commandments Game Instructions, Game Board, Game Cards
Examination of Conscience (for young children, option 1)
Examination of Conscience (for young children, option 2)
Examination of Conscience (for older children)
Examination of Conscience (for teens)


Know your Prayers Before making their first confession, children are expected to know their basic Catholic prayers. Often, the priest hearing their confession will give them a penance that includes reciting such prayers. Basic prayers that should be know before making their first confession are the Our Father (or Lord’s Prayer), the Hail Mary, the Glory Be and the Act of Contrition.

Ten Commandments – In order to make a proper confession, children should have a good understanding of God’s Law and a grasp on what makes an action sinful. Therefore, prior to making their first confession, children should know and understand the Ten Commandments. A fun way to learn the Ten Commandments as a family is through play. Print off the game board, game cards and game instructions below and start having fun as a family.
Examination of Conscience - Before approaching God in the Sacrament of Reconciliation we are all called to examine our conscience. Use these Examination of Conscience handouts to help your child prepare for their First Reconciliation. Consider practicing their confession with them by role playing the parts of the priest and the confessor, then switch roles.



Printable Holy Communion Resources can be downloaded from the sidebar to the left of this page!

Attend Mass Weekly! – The best way to prepare your child to celebrate their first Holy Communion is to take them to Mass each week. Help your child practice by inviting them to join the communion line with you. NOTE:  Their arms should be crossed over their chest so as to receive a blessing rather than the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.